Color Wifi Wireless Ultrasound Scanner With Changeable Probe Heads Linear, Convex, Vaginal, Micro Convex

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Excellent image quality, Long continuous scan time, Stable wireless connection, Low-Power solution Never overheat,  Humanized operation design.

Main Features:

1) size:160mm*55mm*20mm, weight:278g;

2) power consumption <5W

3) The battery can support continuing working for 6-8 hours.

4) dustproof&waterproof

5) The probe head can be replaced to other types when freezing the image. 

6) Support convex,linear,transvaginal,microconvex probe heads;

7) Terminal device can be PC,smartphone and tablet.  It uses WIFI to connect to its app on Android or iOS device or Windows.

8) The windows software  supports multiple languages.

9)  The Dynamic range,Space composite,THI harmonic scan, Enhance Is adjustable.

10 ) Our products  have got  the CE Certificate.

Technical Specifications

Platform:   Android, Window and iOS 
                   Click here to download Android app file (Version 25/01/2018)
                   Click here to download Windows app file (Version 06/02/2018)
                   For iOS please download "Sono iQ" on Apple store.

Modes:      B, B&M, 2B, 4B, THI, Color, Power, PW

Gray level:   256

Transducer Frequency:  2-11MHz

Digital Technology: 

  • Wide-angle imaging
  • Panoramic focusing technology
  • Compatible with high and low speed blood
  • Panoramic imaging
  • Frequency compounding
  • Space compounding
  • Rolling M technology
  • Real-time Dynamic Aperture
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Tissue Specific Imaging 

Max scanning Depth:              310mm 

Imaging Processing


  • Cloud processing technology
  • Fine blood flow imaging, high sensitivity
  • Gain
  • Dynamic range
  • Persistence
  • M Soften
  • Noise suppression


  • Image enhancement
  • Gray map
  • Pseudo color map
  • Left/right reverse
  • Up/down revers


Operation:  WiFI connect to any Android or Window System

Cine-loop:  Based on the memory of the Android or windows device

Zoom:         Max 10 times

Language:  Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Czech 

Measurement and calculation

B mode: 

  • Distance, angle, area, volume,
  • Trace length, distance ratio, area ratio, histogram

M mode: 

  • Distance, time, slope, heart rate

Color/Power/PW mode: 

  • D velocity, D trace, PS/ED

Application package: 

  • Abdomen, Small parts, Vascular, Obstetrics,
  • Gynecology, Cardiology, Neurology,
  • Urology, Orthopedics, Anesthesia


Power supply: 12V 1.5A

Battery lifetime:  5 hours

Net weight: About 278g

Waterproof level:   Ipx6

CE Certificate (click to download)

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