Color Wifi Wireless Ultrasound Scanner With Changeable Probe Heads Linear Convex

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Excellent image quality, Long continuous scan time, Stable wireless connection, Low-Power solution Never overheat,  Humanized operation design.

Technical Specifications

Platform:   Android, Window (iOS in develop stage)
                   Click here to download Android app file
                   Click here to download Windows app file

Modes:      B, B&M, 2B, 4B, THI, Color, Power, PW

Gray level:   256

Transducer Frequency:  2-11MHz

Digital Technology: 

  • Wide-angle imaging
  • Panoramic focusing technology
  • Compatible with high and low speed blood
  • Panoramic imaging
  • Frequency compounding
  • Space compounding
  • Rolling M technology
  • Real-time Dynamic Aperture
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Tissue Specific Imaging 

Max scanning Depth:              310mm 

Imaging Processing


  • Cloud processing technology
  • Fine blood flow imaging, high sensitivity
  • Gain
  • Dynamic range
  • Persistence
  • M Soften
  • Noise suppression


  • Image enhancement
  • Gray map
  • Pseudo color map
  • Left/right reverse
  • Up/down revers


Operation:  WiFI connect to any Android or Window System

Cine-loop:  Based on the memory of the Android or windows device

Zoom:         Max 10 times

Language:  Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Czech 

Measurement and calculation

B mode: 

  • Distance, angle, area, volume,
  • Trace length, distance ratio, area ratio, histogram

M mode: 

  • Distance, time, slope, heart rate

Color/Power/PW mode: 

  • D velocity, D trace, PS/ED

Application package: 

  • Abdomen, Small parts, Vascular, Obstetrics,
  • Gynecology, Cardiology, Neurology,
  • Urology, Orthopedics, Anesthesia


Power supply: 12V 1.5A

Battery lifetime:  5 hours

Net weight: About 365g

Waterproof level:   Ipx6

CE Certificate (click to download)

Multiple frequency probes

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