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5 stars! Best ultrasound with most flexibility for the money

Great product for the specialized medical professional (e.g., radiologist, cardiologist, surgeon, general practitioner, ultrasound technician) OR the inquisitive layperson willing to devote a little time to understanding ultrasound and its interpretation.
I love the flexibility of having both a linear and a convex probe (one on each end) WITH color and great resolution for the price. The frequencies are consistent with relevant depth measures and can be adjusted within a range.

Chad Fite

Very good for bedside ultrasounds

For the cost, it would be difficult to find anything better.
Works very well for bedside ultrasound/POCUS/eFAST.
Of course, the details are nowhere near the machines used in big hospitals, but remember the cost.
Overall, very happy with my purchase.

Impressed radiologist

Considering the ultrasound machines used by the hospital I work for cost ~100K, this device's capabilities are very impressive given it is a fraction of the cost. It doesn't make the cut for true diagnostic radiology (not that anyone would expect that at this price), but I personally like it better than the much more expensive and widely used entry level Sonosites for bedside scan or preliminary rapid imaging. The Philips competitor at $6K+ or so entry level does produce better images, but the price gap is quite large - definitely recommend this device!


Worth it

Works quite well out the box
Wish I could see while recording video though

Gravney R.

Good image.

Very portable, simple to use. Good image.

Irene Vargas

3-in-1 Probe: Convex, Linear, Cardiac

Convex and Linear Array Probe

Convex, Linear, Phased Probe

Portable Laptop Doppler Ultrasound

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WifiUltras provides the most effective Wireless Ultrasound probes with modern and advanced technology. With our new Wifi ultrasound probes, doctors can carry out diagnoses almost anywhere. These Portable scanners can be used widely in medical applications such as emergency medicine obstetrics, hospital clinical treatment, primary care and genecology. 

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