Handheld Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

What Is Wireless Ultrasound Scanner?

Ultrasound (US) is considered mandatory for placement of central venous access devices (VAD), both for venepuncture and for early detection of potential complications.

The US system consists of a 3-12MHz probe (64/128 Elements) connected by wireless technology (8 GHz ultra wide band) to a compact, keyboardless device. The probe can be completely wrapped up in a sterile cover so to perform the procedure with maximal barrier precautions. The main functions (gain, depth, freeze, save, etc.) can be operated either by controls built-in in the transducer or directly on the screen of the device. 

Wireless Ultrasound

Wireless US might be specifically useful in US-guided procedures. Some of its potential advantages are: maximal flexibility in placing the device and the probe, as their connection is wireless; complete freedom of movement for the operator during the procedure; optimal compliance with the current recommendations for infection control.

Convex Probe

Linear Probe