SARDEC - Saudi Arabian Rural Development Commission Scam

SARDEC - Saudi Arabian Rural Development Commission SCAM!

WEAGEC - West and Eastern Africa Growth and Enhancement Commission SCAM!

GMDC - Ghana Municipal Development Commission SCAM!

Have you gotten an email from one of the above so called "commissions"?

Have you gotten an email from an agent or representative of one of the above "commissions"? 



They will try to take thousands of dollars out from your company.

The process looks legit and its going like that:

1. You receive an email titled as TENDER INVITATION PROJECT and that your company profile and products compatible to this project. 
They will ask you to send them price list and company profile.

2. After some days you"ll get another email.
In this email they will tell you that after reviewing your data your company meets their requirements. They will attach a tender form for you to fill and will ask you to send them a proforma invoice and some other documents.
The tender application form looks like that: (Looks legit, ah?)

3. In the next email they will tell you that you have been qualified to the tender finals with 2 other suppliers and that the final decision will be announced in 4-5 days.

4. The next email they will notify you that you are the WINNER! 
In this email they will attached some "official tender documents" and "commission decision letter".  In these letters you will be asked to pay acceptance and tender fees (from us they asked $9600) 

These documents look like that: 

5. The next email will be the invoice for the fees you need to pay them.

When we have asked who is behind this bank account and who is the contact person they weren't willing to give this information.

We have started to become suspicious about the legitimacy of this tender and we started to investigate this commission website.

To make long story short, the main problems in their website were the fact that there is no telephone number and that the address of their offices doesn't exist in google maps.

In their website you will find under the "About Us" section a paragraph that one of its sentences is: It was established by a cabinet decision (No. 717) on 20 June, 2004 (29/05/1394H) as a supreme authority chaired by...

Hmmm...We thought.... let's check on this "cabinet decision".

We googled this cabinet decision and we found out that the same "cabinet decision" took place at 3 different countries: Saudi Arabia, Ghana and South Africa. 
We found out that there are 2 more websites like SARDEC and they are:

When looking at these other "commissions" websites you will find out that they look almost the same!
Even the "Recent Tenders" are the same!
How come same tenders are taking place at 3 different countries?!?!
Look for your self:


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